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Shenzhen Pump Medical System Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company, were founded since January 2007. Pump Medical System is an unique developer, manufacturer and distributor of  medical equipment and devices focusing on cardiovascular diagnostic system such as Handheld Single-Channel ECG EKG Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, CPAP Device, DVT prevention system and so on.

Pump is an ISO09001certified, ISO 13485 certified and Quality System Regulations (QSR) compliant. Pump has established a partnership with medical professionals such as the Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat Sen and the Affiliated Hospital of Nan Fang from the research and development, concept design, clinical trial, product realization all the way through the sales of the devices.
Pump's goals are to help more people to establish a healthier and more scientific lifestyle through our professional, specialty and love. The company's goal is to help more individuals create a healthy life style and improve their quality of life through affordable homecare medical devices.
Pump's slogan "Care You, Care Family". In other words, helping more people to increase the awareness of the cardiovascular diseases, importance of monitoring and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in order to reduce the treatment cost and improve the quality of life.

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